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My name is Julia Brodsky, and I am delighted to meet you. I have my A.Sc. in science education, and M.Sc in astrophysics. Over the years, I taught International Space Station astronauts and flight controllers, worked as a rocket scientist at NASA, helped out at NASA outreach centers, and worked as a math and science teacher at private schools and colleges. I also homeschooled my children, founded a math circle for K-5 kids, presented at MSRI UC Berkeley conferences and  wrote a book on informal math education.

I love writing courses on science and math, and sharing those with anybody who wants to listen 🙂


Julia is an inspirational teacher full of joy and enthusiasm for her subject. Last year she brought her math program to our sixth grade students. The program is designed to encourage creative problem solving. It is fun and fully engaging for the students. I appreciated the way the problems and activities expanded the students’ ability to think creatively and critically. Students enjoyed the surprise of realizing that sometimes there can be more than one answer to a problem or more than one approach to finding solutions. While the program deepens a student’s ideas about math, it also enhances critical thinking skills that can be applied across the curriculum. Finally, Julia’s presentation of the program and modeling of how to think about challenging problems helped the students drop their preconceptions and gave them the freedom to experiment and innovate.

I enthusiastically recommend this program to educational institutions or individuals who want to foster in their students deeper thinking skills and confidence in their ability to face intellectual challenges.

Cindy Kahan,
Middle School Teacher and Director of Student Affairs

In Bright, Brave, Open Minds: Engaging Young Children in Math Inquiry, author Julia Brodsky is offering a treasure trove for home-schoolers, math-club facilitators, and -- wishful thinking! -- mathematics teachers galore, at large, anywhere and everywhere. Studded with wisdom of the pedagogical ages, and framed by a coherent-cum-practical educational vision that could come only from a deeply reflective and exhaustively experienced practitioner in the studio and field -- one who has fielded all the "what should we dos," "what ifs", and "buts" -- Brodsky presents a compendium of charming, accessible, just-add-water activities, in which less is more, delight trumps drill, and engagement, empowerment, and exuberance prevail. As one who has hesitated and fumbled at hosting math clubs, I cannot wait to... as the proverbial edict goes... 'try this at home.

Dor Abrahamson,
Associate Professor of Cognition and Development, Graduate School of Education,
University of California at Berkeley.

“What I loved about Julia’s book is that it gave me a chance to impart so much more than information to my children - I soon understood that the underlying purpose was not necessary the mastery of facts, but an opportunity to teach them how to think, that it is acceptable to be wrong, and that sometimes there is more than one answer to the problem”

Angela Harris,
owner of GatheringInk, co-founder of Mosaic Freeschool, journalist and a homeschooling mom, on Julia Brodsky’s book “ Bright, brave, open minds – engaging young children in math inquiry”

My child loved every minute of Julia's online physics course. He typically hangs back around unfamiliar people, but not this time. He stayed very engaged, eagerly sharing his ideas. When I asked him what he liked about the course, he said it was the fun of discussing ideas, without feeling like being lectured or tested. I loved watching him think deeply about the complex topics, researching relevant information online, asking lots of questions and sharing his ideas with me as well as with his classmates and his instructor. We are looking forward to more courses with Julia.

Yelena, parent of a student

Science of Light

Science of Light” will introduce children to the puzzling and intertwined world of light

Space Mission Planning

 “Space Mission Planning” will talk about the wonders and hazards of the Solar System

Big Questions in Physics

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