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Respect for children

 Children are equal members of human society. We, adults, need to invite them into our discussions, explaining our puzzlements, mistakes and frustrations. We introduce children to the modern scientific discourse, sharing not only its discoveries and advancements but also its unknowns and ambiguities.


A scientific mind is a playful mind. Many first-class scientists were also first-class pranksters (think Wood, Gamow, Feynman – and even Einstein who valued imagination above all). Scientific thinking simply cannot be taught in a rigid way. Providing answers before children have questions kills their curiosity and motivation. Activities suggested in our classes range from chasing a sun-spot on the wall to writing a sci-fi story.

System thinking

In the real world, there are no rigid boundaries between academic disciplines. If you are interested in the phenomenon of light, your interest will naturally take you beyond geometric optics, to the neighboring areas of physics, cosmology, biology, and perception. As system thinkers are fond of saying, learning is all about finding new interconnections.  We love showing children that everything in this world is intertwined and helping them see the big picture.


This is what moves the science forward. Our courses are built on questions, that prompt every student to participate, share, invent, and see how questions lead to answers – and, in turn, to many more questions.

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